Research, Publications & Video Documents of KN

Karmojibi Nari has conducted different researches regarding the formal and informal sector workers. For formal sector the researches are namely: “Investment Liberalization, EPZ and Woman-Workers of Bangladesh”; “Fire in RMG: Responsibilities towards National Interest”; “Workers Income Security and Minimum Wage in Bangladesh in the Era of Globalization”; “Overtime”; ‘Jute Industry of Bangladesh: Problems & Prospects’ etc. For informal sector the issues were namely: `Condition of Working Women of Informal Sector of Bangladesh’; “Socio-economic Condition of Agricultural Workers in Bangladesh”.

KN has huge publications like Book (translated), Newsletter, Magazine, Poster, Sticker, leaflet and there are many videos in KN’s archive. KN produced various ICT materials and video documentations which are used in training. Important video documents are namely – Samanna Bhuley (On Maternity Leave); Somota Ekhoni (On Equality); Kamala Kahini (On maternity Leave); Violence Against Women; International Women’s Day; Decent Work Place; Garments Konna (On Workers’ Participation Committee) and Esho Gai Giboner Gan (Phase out of MFA and Awareness on Labor Law).

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